ISCA Chairman leads over 150,000 in Muslim Celebration in Southeast Asia



In his second trip to Southeast Asia this year, ISCA Chairman Shaykh Hisham Kabbani visited four nations in the span of one month, where he led many public gatherings and spoke on the importance of traditional Islamic principles. Beginning the tour in Singapore, the renowned leader led a large congregational prayer at the Habib Nuh mosque, and spoke at a few other gatherings in the country before departing for Malaysia, where prominent Malays hosted him and ISCA staff for several large gatherings. From Malaysia, the group travelled to Australia where Shaykh Kabbani spoke on interfaith relations and spirituality at a well-attended event at the Theosophical Society of Melbourne.

Shaykh Kabbani leads a traditional Islamic celebration in City Park in Indonesia
Over 150,000 attendees gather in the rain to hear the ISCA chairman speak in Yogyjakarta, Indonesia
A boarding school established by ISCA welcomes the chairman and staff to Indonesia. There were about 400 orphans who participated in the welcoming ceremony
Thousands in Jakarta gather at the Al-Munawar mosque to hear Shaykh Kabbani speak
Shaykh Kabbani speaks on spirituality in Islam at the Theosophical Society in Melbourne, Australia
Attendees at the Theosophical Society in Melbourne
ISCA Chairman 7. Shaykh Kabbani began and ended his Southeast Asian Tour in the Habib Nuh mosque in Singapore. Here he leads the Friday congregational prayer
The highlight of the tour took place in Indonesia, where a sea of over 150,000 attendees stood in the rain for hours, to listen to Shaykh Kabbani speak and to partake in a traditional Muslim celebration in honor of the Prophet Muhammad. Many of the numerous public events in Indonesia reflected the shaykh’s increasing global influence and recognition, as he continues to revive time-honored traditions of the faith world-wide. Throughout his stay, the leader spoke of the importance of moderation and adherence to classical Islamic values, in this time where confusion and misleading beliefs surround the faith. In this island nation which comprises the largest Muslim population in the world, it is of utmost importance that luminaries such as Shaykh Kabbani educate and influence the masses in Indonesia.

There were about 400 orphans who participated in the welcoming ceremony" align="left" />

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