ISCA Chairman Meets Prime Minister of Kenya


As part of his 2010 African Tour, ISCA Chairman Shaykh Hisham Kabbani visited Kenya. The shaykh was treated as an honored dignitary, meeting with religious leaders as well as with Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga.

Meeting PM Odinga
Celebrating Mawlid in Kenya
Shaykh Kabbani being greeted in Lamu
Celebrating Mawlid in Lamu
Shaykh Kabbani with the grandson of Uways al-Qarani(qs)
Leaving Lamu
March 8, 2010 - Shaykh Hisham Kabbani met with Kenyan Prime Minister, His Excellency, Raila Amolo Odinga in his office. PM Odinga was very pleased with Shaykh Kabbani's visit to his country and the two men exchanged a fruitful conversation before posing for the gathered reporters.

Later that evening Shaykh Kabbani performed a Mawlid (commemoration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad {s}) and unveiled a holy relic in honor of Prophet {s}. The Naqshbandi Ensemble performed a series of beautiful Qasidas while Shaykh Kabbani prayed for all human beings.

March 9, 2010 - Shaykh Kabbani gave a speech at a Somalian Mosque called Sahaba Eastleigh in Nairobi, Kenya.  The mosque was filled with lovers of Prophet {SAW}, mostly Somalians, who came to listen to the Shaykh.  Shaykh Kabbani delivered a powerful talk and then the Naqshbandi Ensemble performed some heartfelt Somalians Qasidas.  The event was wrapped up with a beautiful dua from Shaykh Hisham.

March 10, 2010 - Shaykh Kabbani arrived on the island of Lamu in Kenya, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Kenya's oldest living town. The picture album listed below highlights Shaykh Hisham's departure from Nairobi and his arrival by plane on the island of Lamu where he was greeted and welcomed by the island's elders.  The elders, whose head is Husein Badawi, received Mawlana in a traditional mud house and coffee was served. Shaykh Kabbani and his entourage then took speed boats on the Indian Ocean to get to the main island where they were greeted by hundreds of people who were waiting for them.  After evening prayers, Shaykh Kabbani gave an uplifting speech in the big Mosque, which was packed for the occasion.

March 11, 2010 - On Thursday Lamu celebrated a traditional Mawlid with Shaykh Kabbani. The event kicked off with a traditional stick dance performed by men with drums.  After Isha prayer the Mawlid started in the Mosque with hadrah while sitting.  The Lamu residents performed a mesmerizing Mawlid in the finest tradition of the Island: they were all moving as one in a sea like motion while celebrating the praises of the last Prophet {saw}.  This wave motion, which was reminiscent of the waves of the ocean, was particularly delightful to watch.  The Mawlid celebration in Lamu had never been recorded before, let alone broadcast live on the Internet, but the Lamu officials allowed the event to be shared with the world for the first time ever at the request of Shaykh Kabbani, as a sign of respect for him and appreciation of his presence on the island.  There was also a very large congregation of women participating in the Mawlid around the Mosque.  The event was closed by a powerful evening speech by Shaykh Kabbani who was the only speaker at the Mawlid.

March 12, 2010 - All good things must come to an end. After having blessed the Lamu people with his presence Shaykh Kabbani prepared to leave the island on Friday, the most blessed day of the week.  The day started with a casual breakfirst at the Naqshbandi Dergah in the presence of some distinguished guests: some ladies from the Prophet {saw}'s family came to see Shaykh Kabbani and to get his blessings.  Then the son of the second elder from the Badawi family in command of the island requested to take initiation (baya) with Shaykh Kabbani's teacher, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al Haqqani. Shaykh Kabbani gave him initiation, thus cemeting the outpouring of spiritual blessings on the island.  He then posed with the great great grandson of Seydina Uwais al Qarani (shown with a blue scarf around his head on the pictures) whose name is Shaykh Abdul Qadir bin Shaykh Mustafa bin Shaykh Sakawadin bin Shaykh Uwais al-Qarani.

After taking a couple of group pictures, Shaykh Kabbani and his entourage started heading towards the waterfront to leave the island.  On his way to the departure spot, Shaykh Kabbani rode a donkey while the crowd followed him.  One couldn't help but think about the Sufi analogy of riding the ego.

The final moments on Lamu approached and the Naqshbandi guests took speedboats to leave the island and get to the airport where a jet was waiting for them.  As Shaykh Kabbani was boarding the plane he thanked the flight crew and prayed for them.

Thus ended Shaykh Hisham's auspicious journey to the island of Lamu, land of Awliya and home to one of the most breathtaking Mawlid Celebrations of the world.