Shaykh Kabbani's Response to False Allegations About State Department Speech


In response to the statement issued on February 26, 1999 by several Muslim organizations ("American Muslim leaders demand retraction and apology"), the Islamic Supreme Council of America issued the following statement.

As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh.

It is regretful and shameful but also revealing that AMPCC, American Muslim Alliance, AMC, CAIR, MPAC, ICNA, ISNA, and MSA have issued a very misleading statement condemning Shaykh Hisham Kabbani's recent speech at the US State Department. Instead of following the Islamic etiquette of disagreement and speaking directly with Shaykh Kabbani about their "concerns," they followed a path more typical of tabloid journalism, seeking a broad-based dissemination of their defamatory claims without regard for the truth. Even more disheartening, they also chose an approach reticent of the "Salem Witch Hunts" in America, which sought to enforce its ideological perspective, regardless of the costs to human life, dignity, and mutual tolerance and respect.

We are sorry to report that we have endured this kind of criticism and even worse for nine years. As detailed in The Muslim Magazine article "A Nation Divided," we sent numerous requests to the "leaders" of the Muslim community in an attempt to address pertinent Islamic issues, but to no avail. However, our outreach (dawah) work has reached a level where we were invited to publicly address the State Department in an open forum. This open forum session is also what has ironically resulted in our first official condemnation from Muslim groups, fervently working behind the scenes to obstruct our freedom of expression.

Unable to refute a single one of Shaykh Kabbani's statements with objective evidence to the contrary, these organizations instead took excerpts from the speech, quoting it completely out of context. This obviously deceptive and misleading tactic serves the purpose to beguile sincere Muslims away from the voice of moderation, and incite the emotional amongst us to commit irrational and inappropriate attacks.

In reference to the incident, one former government official who converted to Islam says:

"One of the most duplicitous and effective tactics to destroy a person, which is common in the Washington political jungle, is to take a personís statements, reverse the meaning, and then attack the person for what they want him to say in order to destroy him. That good and sincere Muslims could resort to such tactics is conceivable only when they feel that their very existence is threatened."

In an effort to quell the onslaught of accusations, questions, and confusion caused by the concerted action of our organizational counterparts, we present their statements along with the complete context and our refutation of these blameworthy accusations.

Please note: "Cut and paste" versions of the Open Forum transcript, which are incomplete and misleading, are being circulated by a number of organizations. Please consult the complete transcript and digitized videotape of Shaykh Kabbani's speech on our web site, Islamic Extremism: A Viable Threat to U.S. National Security.

Please note from the following that the undersigned organizations, surprisingly, have not quoted a single statement of Shaykh Kabbani in full or in context. Moreover, the statements were augmented with emotionally-charged words like "promoted and generalized an allegation," "outrageous statements," and "Islamophobic," thereby thwarting his original intention and message.

We would also like to add that this statement was obviously released without the knowledge of many leaders in these groups, to say nothing of the general membership. Many of them were insulted and upset that a statement was issued on their behalf, without their consent or approval, which had such dire implications as denouncing a fellow Muslim. Additionally, they criticized the fact that these groups took it on themselves to speak on behalf of the Muslim community and were not even brave enough to sign their names to the document. To the credit of our Muslim community, many people are all too familiar with the dangers of the "cut and paste" method and did not accept the defamatory statements at face value and requested a complete copy of the transcript from the ISCA homepage.


"In the State Department forum, Mr. Kabbani: 1) Alleged that the 'ideology of extremism has been spread to eighty percent of the [American] Muslim population.' Having also stated that 'extremists' gained control of American mosques through elections, Mr. Kabbani further strengthens the impression that the Muslim community as a whole is extremist."

Shaykh Kabbani actually said:

SHAYKH KABBANI: "Because they are very active [extremists] they took over the mosques; and we can say that they took over more than 80% of the mosques that have been established in the US. And there are more than 3000 mosques in the US. So it means that the methodology or ideology of extremist has been spread to 80% of the Muslim population, but not all of them agree with it."

He continued,

SHAYKH KABBANI: "This is what I want to say to you, to present to you from within the Muslim community. We want to tell you that the Muslim community as a whole is innocent from whatever extremism and extremist ideology is being spread around the world."


Accordingly, he explained that though 80 percent of the Muslim population has been introduced to the extremist ideology, not all of them agree with it or support it.

The clarification of Shaykh Hisham's preceding statement was also given during the question and answer segment of the forum:

QUESTION (continued): You said, on the other hand, that most American Muslims are peace loving, yet their mosques are being run by these extremists?

SHAYKH KABBANI: Muslims, in general, are peace loving and tolerant. And a Muslim likes to go and find a place to go and make his service, make his worship and go and doesn't interfere. So the board of trustees of these mosques is being run by these extremists.


[Shaykh Kabbani] claimed that "there are many, many Muslim organizations, that they speak on behalf of the Muslim community, but in reality they are not moderate, but they are extremist....These people are very well supported, very well affiliated with outside regimes, that they have been sponsored by billions of dollars to be active within the United States..."

These are actually parts of two different paragraphs joined together only in this letter. They are actually paragraphs apart. Here is more context:

SHAYKH KABBANI: "...there are many Muslim organizations that claim to speak on behalf of the Muslim community but that in reality are not moderate, but extremist. They hijacked the mike, or they were elected because they are good speakers, but they give a wrong idea about Islam."

The most recent example of this extremism came in Madison Square Garden in a conference organized by Imam Siraj Wahhaj. Speaking by telephone from England, Mr. Bilal Phillips, a speaker promoted by several of the groups that issued the condemnation, defamed a scholar of traditional Islam, Nuh Ha Mim Keller, for his work on The Reliance of the Traveller. Phillips accused Shaykh Keller of kufr and shirk [disbelief and idolatry --corporal crimes under Islamic law] stating that in his book was, "the greatest evil." Scholars of Ahl al-Sunna stood up and debated Phillips to defend Keller and his work from this slanderous and dangerous attack of haram, shirk, kufr, bida. (forbidden, idolatry, disbelief and innovation)

Unfortunately they could not undo all of the damage as the audience was left disillusioned after hearing such a vicious and disheartening attack tirade. To comment on the divided state of affairs one speaker lamented, "We are lousy leaders and you are lousy followers."

Such incidents are all too familiar to those with even minimal exposure to Islamic centers nationwide. Shaykh Kabbani in particular has withstood heavy attacks in the past nine years because he had the courage to openly demand the recognition of traditional Islamic practices and beliefs, in a time when the extremist ideology was virtually unchallenged. His presentation of the major schools of Islam and the principles of qiyas, ijma', and taqlid (analogy, consensus and imitation) were fiercely opposed in many verbal assaults similar to those directed at Shaykh Nuh Keller. [To view these debates, see

The second half of the above misquote comes in a fact from a different part of the speech:

SHAYKH KABBANI: "You are not hearing the authentic voice of Muslims, of moderate Muslims, but you are hearing the extremist voice of Muslims. That's why they are getting a wrong idea, because the extremists are very well supported, are very well affiliated with outside regimes that have sponsored them with billions of dollars to be active in the United States."

Again Shaykh Kabbani confirms that Muslims in general are moderate, and he states a well-known fact that foreign countries are financially supporting extremist ideological views in the US. Anyone who has been involved in Islamic centers knows how certain countries flood them with free books of the Wahhabi/"Salafi" ideology. These outside forces gradually take over or have those who support their views take over Islamic centers and throw out the traditional Muslims who often have built the mosque and community from its foundation. A prime example is the extremists' prevention of Mawlid, the commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet (s), which is practiced in every Islamic country. Many mosques today following extremist leadership have banned it despite its approval by the overwhelming majority of Islamic scholars. If anyone in the community questions this claim, they may easily verify the allegations by questioning their imams and leaders on the aforementioned points.

An illustrious example of this point is a statement previously made by Dr. Siddiqi, Director of the Islamic Center of Orange County, in a speech at the center on August 23, 1992:

"Out of this $4,000 that the Islamic Society of Orange County gives to me, $2020 are returned because we receive a check from Dar al Ifta ever since I came under the agreement of the Board of Directors and it is written in my contract the check that comes from Dar al Ifta in my name. I endorse it at the Islamic Society -- Dar al Ifta is a religious organization, a Fatwa organization, a religious organization in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -–"

Issues of financing surround other Muslim groups in America as well. Statements like those appended to the latest ISNA financials by an independent auditor the late Ebrahim Lunat (may God bless his soul) raised questions in the minds of many, for which no answer has been given:

"The accompanying financial statements show an amount of $434,682 due to ISNA/Canada which is a Canadian tax exempt organization closely affiliated with ISNA/USA. We have tried for the past several years but have not been able to find either a plan of payment or a debt forgiveness for this liability. The financial position of the Society is not accurately reported due to this unresolved liability on the books." [1997, ISNA Annual Report].

It has also been alleged that AMC received a large portion of their operational expenses from Saudi nationals, and has recently tried to decrease their support in an effort to gain increasing independence.

Once again, as we have implored so many times in the past, those who have questions as to where donations are going or where a group's funding originates, should take the initiative and investigate the organization they support and learn how funds are distributed.

It is a well-known and accepted fact that Shaykh Kabbani has thousands of devoted students across America. It is not unreasonable for him to claim that through his extensive travel to countless U.S. cities and meeting with the leaders of the various organizations, he has concluded that the extremist ideology governs a vast majority of the Islamic centers nationwide. Similar to a census poll, Shaykh Kabbani has done a sort of scientific sampling of the institutional administration and has concluded the aforementioned. One is welcome to claim otherwise, but under no circumstance does it justify portraying Shaykh Kabbani in a negative light and subjecting him to reprehensible behavior.


Claiming that the main national Muslim student organization is "being run mostly by extremist ideology..."

Firstly we will address the MSA. It is our opinion that the Muslim Students Association (MSA) of North America, which runs an Internet forum, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , supports the ideological tendency towards extremism. One of the gravest offenses in Islam is to accuse a Muslim of shirk (idolatry) or kufr (unbelief). On MSA-Net, extremist Muslim youth regularly accuse any and all who disagree with their extremist doctrine of being outside the pale of Islam. Muslims who follow traditional mainstream Islam are condemned as unbelievers and polytheists on a regular basis.

Run by extremists, the extreme and often vulgar posts of a few people flood the net without regulation. When the traditional Muslims respond, they are labeled as troublemakers and instigators. They are given warnings by the MSA-Net administrators or removed from the net (often without due process) while the extremists call the traditional Muslims all manner of epithets -- even calling them dogs, mushriks and kafirs without fear.

Even more appalling than the verbal assaults of this organization and its members is the recent incident with our computer system, the like of which has been commonly referred to in the industry as "internet terrorism." Recently, our email server, which supports many accounts and is economically vital to our infrastructure and management, was the target of computer sabotage from York University in Canada. According to a letter from the Director of York University's Department of Computer Services, the computer of MSA-net maintainer Nadeem Siddiqui was used in this attack.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the subscriptions were done by this machine instigated by a user Nadeem starting at Jan 28 [1999] 16:53 running until ending at Jan 28 17:28 approximately 1370 messages were sent. Unfortunately, the logs were either doctored or a hacked version of "send-mail" was used so the logs contain no useful information other than this."

The offender's system was confiscated, however, they are still unable to reverse the damage which has ensued.


Claiming that the main national Muslim student organization is "being run mostly by extremist ideology" Mr. Kabbani raised the bizarre specter that the Bin Laden organization was "able to buy more than 20 atomic weapons, atomic nuclear heads, from some Mafias in the ex-Soviet Union...and now they are hiring thousands of scientists from the ex-Soviet in order to make these atomic warheads into smaller partitions, smaller particles, in order to be, like small chips to be put in any suit case, even in a handbag, and be shipped anyplace, anywhere in the world...If these small nuclear atomic warheads reach these (U.S.) universities, you don't know, these students, what they are going to do, because their way of thinking is brainwashed and limited."

Our media team, who operate and manage the best selling The Muslim Magazine, are professional, sincere journalists who research information important to safeguard the security of Muslims both nationally and abroad. Many articles too abundant to cite have addressed the issue of Bin Laden and his potential nuclear capabilities, as well as the ramifications it poses to the U.S. ANY resourceful and responsible journalist would discover such information and realize that it cannot be ignored:

It is well known to most Muslims everywhere that bin Laden has fully declared his intentions to harm America. Some support this intention and most do not. It behooves the seven organizations to declare their position on this issue, instead of equivocating between general condemnations of terrorism and support for bin Laden.

In bin Laden'­s January 4, 1999, interview with ABC News he states, "The United States of America knows that I have attacked it, by the Grace of God, for more than ten years now." And in the same interview, "Hostility towards America is a religious duty and we hope to be rewarded for it by God, Praise and Glory be to him." Asked whether he had or was trying to acquire biological or nuclear weapons, bin Laden's reply included these telling words: "If I have indeed acquired these weapons, then this is an obligation I carried out and I thank Go for enabling us to do that. And if I seek to acquire these weapons, I am carrying out a duty."

The reports Shaykh Kabbani mentioned regarding bin Laden's alleged purchase of nuclear weapons and/or the existence of minature sized nuclear suitcase bombs came from a well-known Arab magazine (Al Watan Al-Arabi 11/13/98 pp 20-21). The fact that these suitcase size nuclear bombs ("mini-nukes") exist is well established by both American and Russian sources. The following is a brief set of references:

  1. With the growing numbers of extremist terror groups Öthe threat of a nuclear attack in the US or the UK by means of a small 'suitcase bomb' has significantly grown in the past 18 months.

    Evening Herald (Plymouth) pg 3. 12/19/98

  2. Now Bin Laden is suspected of paying two million pounds to an intermediary in the former Soviet republic of Kazakstan as part of a two-year quest for his own tactical nuclear weaponÖsources said Bin Laden was looking for a tactical nuclear weapon, or "suitcase bombs," the weapon every intelligence agency dreads falling into the hands of a terrorist.

    Times Newspapers Limited 8/16/98

  3. "ÖWith regard to where these nuclear suitcases were and are now, and how many there are, Professor Yablokov does not know. He quotes General Lebed who investigated this when he was secretary of the Russian Security Council. And in May, an American delegation gave the exact figure. There are altogether 132 nuclear suitcases in Russia, 84 OF WHICH HAVE DISAPPEARED -- where Lebed did not have time to find out.

    Scientist Confirms Missing Nuclear Suitcase Bombs Exist.

    Moscow NTV 1800 GMT 9/22/97

  4. Lunev said there is no way to determine if those devices have been placed in the US for future use, but about 84 remain unaccounted for in Moscow."

    Former Russian spy details threat of nuclear 'suitcase bombs.'

    Aerospace Daily. Vol. 187, No. 26; pg 208 8/6/98.

  5. But the worst case scenario is the [nuclear] suitcase bomb in New York City or elsewhere for blackmail or other purposes," Trainor said.

Nuclear threat growing, not fading- experts.

Reuters World Service. 8/4/95.

Our community must accept that there is global concern about possible terrorist threats from Islamic extremists who use religion to justify their acts. Even if we refuse to address the issue, the dialogue will continue without us. After we had heard the facts as outlined by Shaykh Kabbani in the forum, we thought of the consequences to the Muslim community if we did NOT open the subject with our elected officials. We determined that it was wiser to create a distinction between the extremist ideological movement and mainstream Muslims in an effort to avoid the categorization of us simply as a "bunch of Muslims."


We sought to create two distinct classifications of Muslim beliefs to preserve the sanctity of our freedom in this country. If we did not do so, the first sign of danger or violence by Islamic terrorists in this country would implicate us all through guilt by association. The Siege was foreshadowing how the average American would feel about our community in the face of panic and tragedy. If our community does not have the courage to denounce the innocent killings of women and children by radicals who abuse the sentiments of Muslims, we as a community will suffer dire consequences the likes of which we cannot even fathom.

It is critical that we educate the Congress, State Department, U.S. Intelligence, and all elected or appointed officials that traditional moderate, mainstream Muslims do not endorse, support, or condone extremism or terrorism. We at ISCA are not willing to sacrifice the lives of our loved ones for the sake of "pretending" there is no such thing as Islamic extremism. We refuse to suffer the penalty of silence when we are incriminated for the actions of the irresponsible few. We must have the courage and strength to tell our government that terrorism has no legitimacy in traditional Islamic doctrine.

We chose NOT to use the approach of many of our counterparts who show vehement hostility towards the US. Government -- always criticizing their actions, policy, and governance. This only serves to create a bigger ocean of ignorance between us and leads only to fear, intolerance, and ultimately persecution at the slightest provocation.

Thus, Shaykh Kabbani was only stating what was already known. The intention was to acknowledge that there is a possibility of harm from these weapons, and that the American government and people should know that the 6 million Muslims in America are innocent from the un-Islamic acts of a few extremists or terrorists.


"Adding insult to injury, Mr. Kabbani even promoted and generalized an allegation that Muslim women in Europe 'who are during the day, covered from top to bottom and, during the night, have dates. They are dating high officials in many countries around the world to take the information from them and to give it to the extremists.' "

The aforementioned statement, in context of the discussion which precedes it by Shaykh Kabbani was as follows:

SHAYKH KABBANI: "As we see it from inside, from within -- because I don't want to go into too much definition and explanation of Islam -- what we are seeing as Muslims is that extremism became more of a business than a message because it involves drugs, and drugs are not allowed in Islam. Planting Opium and Cocaine and Hashish, Hash, is not allowed in Islam. Womanizing is not allowed in Islam, drinking is not allowed in Islam. We see these extremists are planting Opium, are planting Cocaine, and are selling this, justifying their acts as Muslims to reestablish and reform Islam around the world but they are committing all kinds of un-Islamic acts and un-Islamic behavior.

"Recently they found in London, between London and France and all that area in Western Europe, that there is a big network of women that one of the very famous Arabic newspapers -- either al-Wasat or al-Watan al-Arabi -- revealed in a big report two or three months ago. They found a network run by Muslim women who, during the day, are covered from top to bottom and, during the night, have dates. They are dating high officials in many countries around the world to take the information from them and to give it to the extremists. We have to ask ourselves: is this Islamic or un-Islamic? If it is Islamic we cannot see it in any verse of Holy Qur'an or any narration of Prophet. It is un-Islamic. So on what basis are they saying they are working under the name of Islam? So we see that now it is more a business and more a struggle, a fight, openly between extremism and America."

This quote is specific to a network of extremists that operates between London and France and was referenced according to its source, a fact that was purposely omitted. A network, as defined in Websterís Dictionary is a group or chain, not, as was falsely imputed, that this is generalized to all Muslim women in Europe. Once again, the authors of this condemnation tried to hide that Shaykh Kabbani was defending Muslims from false Islam, NOT implicating all Muslim women of Western Europe. This is nothing less than character assassination at the lowest level. The only way we can attempt to understand the purpose behind such deceit is to assume malice and a reckless disregard for the truth. Given the general tone of their indictment from the beginning, and the history of these organizations with Shaykh Kabbani, this in itself is a sign of hypocrisy and extremism.


"Through outrageous statements such as these, Mr. Kabbani has put the entire American Muslim community under unjustified suspicion. In effect, Mr. Kabbani is telling government officials that the majority of American Muslims pose a danger to our society. Additionally, Islamophobic individuals and groups may use these statements as an excuse to commit hate crimes against MuslimsÖ"

As quoted above from Shaykh Kabbani's address at the State Department, he clearly stated that Muslims in general are peace-loving and not at all a threat to America. Additionally, we find Shaykh Kabbani reiterating the point as follows:

SHAYKH KABBANI: "On behalf of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, and many, many Muslims ñ because I cannot speak on behalf of all Muslims, as many non-profit organizations in America do. Immediately when something happens in the Middle East or that region they send media alerts saying they are speaking on behalf of the whole Muslim community, which is completely incorrect. So on behalf of many Muslims, I will say that it is an opportunity to address you [the American people and government] and to give you the authentic, traditional voice of Islam. It is a voice of traditional Islam, which is moderation and tolerance and love -- loving and to be loved -- and living in peace with all other faiths and religions."

No one could possibly construe this as a condemnation of American Muslims as extremists or terrorists. Quite to the contrary, the statement issued by the seven groups against Shaykh Kabbani is the only inflammatory document. It is apparently designed to inflame feelings against Shaykh Kabbani and the traditional peaceful approach to Islam that he and the majority of Muslims advocate. Irresponsible accusations are dangerous and have no place in Islam or in any other religion.


"The issue is not that of a mere difference of opinion within an American religious community, but involves the irresponsible act of providing false information to government officials. This false information can jeopardize the safety and well being of our community and hurt America itself by damaging its values of inclusiveness, fairness, and liberty."

As you may note from the document itself, not once do the authors of this document cite which of Shaykh Kabbani's statements were false. Not once do they provide the objective data that deems the information false or even refutable. It is merely an unfounded commentary of people motivated by vengeance and apathetic towards the consequences of their inaccurate or misleading statements.

The authors seem to commend America for its values of "inclusiveness, fairness, and liberty"-- concepts they have neither demonstrated nor abided by in this dispute. Most of the organizations affiliated with this release have notoriously banned and defamed Shaykh Hisham Kabbani. Shaykh Kabbani held the Islamic Unity Conference and invited each of them, yet a concerted effort was made to prevent people from attending the conference where terrorism was condemned and Islam was declared innocent of terrorist actions via global media coverage. ISCA was the first Muslim organization to openly denounce the embassy bombings and it was shortly after this at the 2nd International Islamic Unity Conference that President Clinton first publicly separated the issues of terrorism from Islam.

We have gathered both documentary and oral evidence that many individuals organized and conspired together to boycott attendance at the conference by both attendees and speakers alike. We have even requested an investigation by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to review evidence that a customs officer was encouraging our guests not to attend the conference. In our opinion, the extent of their network and organizational capabilities is frighteningly similar to organized crime.

They tried their best to defame and destroy one who is working to clear the name of Islam and the majority of Muslims. They pay lip service to tolerance, but when extremism is denounced, they quickly organize to condemn the one who has spoken up.

As in Uzbekistan, where Muslim extremists recently killed 200 fellow Muslims including an attempt on the life of the Uzbeki President, there is a modern day witch-hunt taking place throughout the Muslim world. Intolerant, ignorant extremists persecute any and all who do not follow their heterodoxical tenets, which it must be stressed are quite contrary to the 1400 year old beliefs of the Muslim community which reach back to the sublime example of the Prophet Muhammad (s) and his companions.

Uzbekistan is a spiritual nucleus of Islamic knowledge and practice. It was from there that Islam was spread to Central Asia and the Far East under the guiding light of Imam Bukhari in Samarqand and Shah Bahaudin Naqshband in Bukhara. This spiritual light was suppressed for decades but never extinguished by the communist regime of the former USSR. With the collapse of communism, the extremists have been able to operate unhindered and have taken the place of the communists in fighting the traditional Muslims of the region. The extremists are trying to squash the spiritual revival and impose their radical beliefs on the mainstream society.

In America, the stage has also been set for the imposition of the tyrannical practices of the extremists but the actors and theme are different. Here, Muslim organizations largely comprised of immigrants, have created an antagonistic climate between the American society and our community as if being Muslim automatically means that you are against America or vice versa. In their action alerts, CAIR has a chronic tendency to negatively juxtapose Islam and Americans as their name also juxtaposes America and Islam, as if "Islam" was a foreign country that needs a council to deal with America and not an integral part of this country. This limited view is not an accurate reflection of Islamic teachings or the current state of Muslim American affairs. The American Muslims are increasingly born and raised in America and cannot be separated from the only country most have ever known.

Many have stated they also feel MPAC and its leadership have been notoriously belligerent and ineffectual. As a result of their efforts, our community is often described as "whining, difficult, and uncompromising." AMC, under the leadership of Mr. Alamoudi probably was able to single-handedly discourage the US president from ever visiting another Arab event by standing up on a chair after his speech and shouting some epithet about Palestine. When will our community leaders learn the heirs and graces of diplomacy? More importantly, when will they learn to exemplify the noble attributes of tolerance and respect?

Among immigrant Muslims there is only a small fraction who are expounding extremism, but these few mar the image of all Muslims because they have monopolized the voice of Islam. It is no longer appropriate to sweep all Muslims into the extremist category largely inherited from overseas political strife, as if there was no other option. We are discarding the baggage of extremism imposed on us and reaffirming the true principles of Islam which include peace, love and tolerance.

Furthermore, we hereby require from the American Muslim groups who issued this statement and all groups who support it a comprehensive apology to all peaceful mainstream, traditional Muslims who are referred to as Ahl as-Sunna wal Jama'at. An apology is sought for all of the attacks on traditional Islamic beliefs and traditional Muslims.

We, the Islamic Supreme Council of America, hold the aforementioned groups who issued this defamatory, inciteful, and utterly misleading statement responsible for any and all liabilities that we may incur as a result of their malfeasance, including but not limited to physical, financial or psychological harm. These organizations have recklessly endangered the sanctity and safety of the lives of our officers and members by provoking extreme individuals to rise against us.

As a result of the irresponsible statements issued in that release, we have received numerous threats of physical violence, verbal assaults and countless other harassing and frightening retaliations -- a reaction they obviously sought to create, but whose cruelty is hard to believe. We ask you to decide who has really endangered the lives of Muslims? May Allah guide all Muslims and all humanity.

In conclusion, the effort by the Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, at the State Department was an effort to distinguish the silent majority of peaceful, traditional Muslims from the outspoken extremists who dominate the public's perception of Islam.

Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik 'ala Sayyidina Muhammadwa 'ala Alihi wa Sahbihi wa al-Tabi'ina ila yawm al-din