Unity Key to Resolution of Problems: U.S. Islamic Council Chief


LONDON, August 09 (Online): Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, chairman Islamic Supreme council of America has said that key to resolution of all problems including Kashmir and Palestine facing Muslim Ummah lies in unity among the Muslim rulers. He expressed these views in an exclusive interview with Online here Sunday.

He went on to say that when he happened to offer Jumma prayers in the US mosques four months after his arrival there he realised that Muslim leaders hailing from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries are portraying Islam as an extremist and aggressive religion. "Seeing that Muslims are holding klashnikove and bombs in their hands at present time I decided to preach teachings of sufi saints as people in large number were embracing Islam in America those days", he added. He regretted that in Muslim world macrophone and all other resources are being possessed by power hungry political leaders who are using Muslim population particularly youths as tool to serve their personal interests. On the other hand history bears testimony that Sufi saints played vital role in preaching the teachings of Islam. It is therefore our utmost effort that all the Sufi lineage's are united on one platform in US so that a leadership acceptable to all could be provided, he added. Holding the political leadership responsible for unresolved problems of Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq he indicated that Palestine issue could be settled in 1967 when US state secretary had asked Jamal Abdul Nasir and Arab League that if Arab world recognised Israel, US could ensure resolution of Palestine issue by mounting pressure on Israel. He maintained that most of the Arab countries have recognised Israel on their own and road map for two states has been accepted. Despite this situation, the innocent Muslims are being massacred, he deplored. He was of the view that Kashmir issue could be resolved with the help of UN but Pakistani and Kashmiri leadership could not take it to such level where they could assert themselves. He said that how paradoxical it was that Muslims hold the west responsible for all their problems and on the other hand they are divided into over 60 nations and states. He observed that Muslims have departed from basic teachings of Islam and are seen voicing protest on the issues like Hajjab. Citing to Osama Bin Laden he said that US forged alliance with Muslims to counter communist onslaught from USSR as communism was their common enemy. But they could not become aware of the real agenda of Osama and Taliban leaders, he added.